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We do our best to ship your item promptly. Items typically ship 24—48 hours from the receipt of your order. Our business hours are Monday through Friday 9:00am—4:30pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Orders received after 4:30pm will be sent by 2:00pm the following business day.


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Because we use only high quality, bio–available nutrients, we cannot accept returns. This policy is industry standard and ensures nothing can be tampered with or otherwise made hazardous. We appreciate your understanding.


When shipping domestically or overseas, we retain a receipt showing we have shipped a package of a specific weight to a specific destination. We trust the US Postal Service and presume accurate delivery.

We are not responsible for thefts of shipped items, change of address, or other drop-off errors.

If you wish to purchase insurance; please place your order offline by calling1 (706) 798-46359–5, Monday—Friday.



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